NOTICE: We are postponing the Spring League In compliance with the Governor’s State of Public Health Emergency prohibiting events with more than 10 people. We will resume the Spring League starting with Week 3 as soon as we are able.

Weekly Scores

Team NameNamesWeek 1Week 2

Matt B392408
Bryce R404437
Jeni H423388
Justin H00
Jeff W00

Praying for a 10

Isaac S365438
Todd W397388
Jodie H429425
Jason H386350
Bob F410409

Multipul Scoregasums

Brian F428410
Mike T437423
Randy W453441
Wayne P343341
Jim E396416

Duck And Cover

Alan R S449445
Eathan S425396
Alan E S383262
Mike D401393
John F440413

Money Shots

Jared T4330
Andrew H450437
Allyn S4300
Cale H4430


Michael R4100
John S4040

Pistol Whipped

Chancey S3910
Ray R3260
Kevin H4200
Tom Y398421

Will Work For Ammo

Brittany E392400
Tammy B448450
Nancy B4100
Ginger E347356


Andy S386402
Patrick F415423
Rick S449418
Ryan H4300
Eric C394380

Team One

Doug L437440
Steve B372397
Roger Q375356
Alan C293280

Dead Eye Five

Rick B400408

Mike E403435

Jeff H443416

Nate S415415


Drew W3600
Jeff W3510
Doug B3770
Eric B3800


Ken M3300
Kyle H4320
Melanie D198319
Dave E375394

Trigger Finger

Matt C433411
James C410426
Zach C418385
Doug B382370


Trey S399432
Ivan S397391
John S3640
Dan S00

Pew Pew

Quinn T409392
Jake P382405
Mike N4140
Mike S3860


Scott G368327
Justin G382421
Rob C388399
Trevor H379393
Stephen S386402

Early Birds

Matt T400397

Chris B351389

Cory R402422

Kevin K373384

Ryan M364403