Use of Force Simulator

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Midwest Shooting offers Eastern Iowa’s only use of force simulator.  Take your skills to the next level on our interactive use of force simulator.  Experience real-life scenario based training in a non-lethal environment.

Over 500 scenarios are available to experience!  With such a large number of scenarios, a wide variety of skills can be practiced and honed.   The use of force simulator is the ideal tool for skill development and decision making training.

Scenario topics include:

  • Basic marksmanship
  • Shooting moving targets
  • Concealed carry decision making
  • Law enforcement scenarios including:
    • Traffic stops
    • Domestic violence calls
    • Active shooters
    • K9 interaction
  • School resource scenarios
  • Military environments
  • Zombies


$24.99 plus tax for 30 minutes.

Come on your own or bring a group of friends.  Either way, the price is $24.99 regardless of the number of people.  The use of force simulator is an excellent experience for family fun, office outings, church groups, or agency training.


Reservations are accepted, but not required.  For individuals or small groups, no appointment is necessary.  However, we do use the simulator as part of our classes.  If a training class is scheduled, the use of force simulator will not be available for general use.

For office parties, larger groups, or law enforcement training, please call 319-393-1888 or email to schedule your training session.


Some scenarios are not appropriate for all people.   Scenarios depict a wide variety of explicit criminal behavior.  Explicit, obscene, and racially charged language is a part of some scenarios.  Law enforcement scenarios have the most of this content.  Many of the scenarios are quite graphic and violent in nature.  After all, you are shooting people.

Participants must be 18 years or older to rent the use of force simulator.   Minors may use the simulator only when accompanied by an adult.  Please let us know ahead of time if you do not want to see content that is offensive or overly graphic.