The Pull the Trigger 2 Intermediate Pistol Course at Midwest Shooting is the next step in handgun fundamentals. This course will teach and develop skills needed for defensive situations. The course lasts about 3 hours and includes firing approximately 200 rounds of ammunition in our indoor range.

  • Students will be taught and practice:
  • Two-handed shooting
  • One-handed shooting techniques – both strong hand and weak hand
  • Reloading techniques – tactical and administrative reloads
  • Malfunction clearing under stress fire situations
  • Introductory low-light shooting


Students must understand firearms safety and the importance of firearms safety. Students should be comfortable with the function and operation of their firearms. This class is the next step after a Pull the Trigger Class. Iowa Permit to Carry is recommended.


  • Functional handgun suitable for self-defense
  • 200 rounds of factory ammunition
  • 2 magazine minimum (speed loaders for revolvers)
  • Magazine carrier recommended
  • Dummy rounds / snap caps recommended
  • Eye and Ear protection. Electronic hearing protection recommended
  • Closed toe shoes
  • High-neck shirt and ball cap recommended

Cost: $89.99