Know Your Rights

Midwest Shooting’s Know Your Rights class is a second generation Iowa permit to carry class. This four hour class includes classroom training, training in our use of force simulator, and live fire defense pistol training in our indoor range. Students will learn Iowa carry rules/regulations, rules for carrying a firearm while traveling outside of Iowa, and live-fire drills to improve defensive shooting skills.

With the passage of Constitutional Carry in 2021, Iowa residents no longer need a permit to lawfully carry a firearm in Iowa. While no longer required by law, responsible gun owners will want to attend this class to learn the legal regulations, understand their legal rights, and enhance their defensive pistol skills.

An Iowa Permit to Carry will allow gun owners to legally carry in states other than Iowa that honor Iowa’s permit, In addition, an Iowa Permit to Carry will streamline firearm purchases without potentially lengthy FBI background check wait times.


The first part of the class will be spent in a comfortable classroom setting with one of our certified instructors. You will learn:

  • Iowa use of force laws
  • Iowa Stand Your Ground laws
  • Impacts of stress and mindset
  • What/when/where you can carry or not carry
  • Legally carrying a firearm outside of Iowa


The classroom instruction is augmented with training in our use of force simulator. Students are confronted with realistic, real-life scenarios. The student volunteers will need to decide to shoot/don’t shoot. If ‘shoot’, they will then need to deploy and fire their firearm at the target. The class then reviews the results of the encounter. The class will see first hand how the speed of encounters and effects of stress impact performance. This is a unique experience and students leave the class with a different perspective than prior to taking the class.

Live Fire on Indoor Range

Target shooting skills are different than defensive shooting skills. Most of us practice accuracy and shot grouping when target shooting. This class will teach basic defensive shooting skills. More importantly, we will teach concepts and drills that can be used on your own to improve your defensive shooting skills over time.

Required Equipment

  • A serviceable handgun. (If you do not own a handgun you may use one of our rental guns at no charge for the class)
  • Minimum of two magazines for your handgun
  • 100 rounds ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection. Electronic hearing protection is strongly recommended.
  • It is recommended to not wear a scoop/v-neck shirt or opened toed shoes as the brass coming from your handgun is hot

All of these items are available to purchase at Midwest Shooting.


Students should be 21 years old or older. Students under 21 may take the class with a parent. Students should have at least basic proficiency with a handgun. This is not an advanced class, but students should have some shooting experience. If you are new to handguns, our Pull the Trigger Class is a great way to start. Students should know how to safely operate their handgun including: safe handling, loading, unloading, and firing.

The class price is $89.99 plus tax per student. The class is limited to 9-10 students per class.

To register, order from this page or stop in or call the store during business hours. You may cancel your class up to 24 hours before the class begins and request to receive a full refund. No refunds issued without 24 hour notification. If cancellation is made the day of you may have a one time opportunity to reschedule to a future class. When you register for a class you agree to theses terms.

The Know Your Rights class satisfies the training requirement specified in Iowa Code 724.9.