2019 Winter League Schedule

Winter League Starts January 7, 2019

Monday nights from 5:30 PM – 8 PM

Make Up Times

Thursday,  6:00 PM

Friday,  12:00 PM

Sunday,  5:00 PM

This is the list of teams we have as of 1/11/19.  There is still time to sign up!  If you do not see your team on this list, contact us for a time.

Week 3 – January 21
05:30 PM Money Shots
Bent Barrels
Chicken Pluckers
05:55 PM Group Therapy
Marion Misfits
Threat Level Midnight
Premature Ejections
06:20 PM Springs of Life 1
Springs of Life 2
Springs of Life 3
06:45 PM Fully Loaded
Will Work For Ammo
Pistol Whipped
Benton Bad Asses
07:05 PM Duck and Cover
Multiple Scoregasms
Doesn’t Really Matter