2020 Spring League Schedule

Spring League Starts March 9, 2020

Monday nights from 5:30 PM – 8 PM

Make Up Times

Thursday,  6:00 PM

Friday,  12:00 PM

Sunday,  5:00 PM

We are still working out the teams.  We hope to have the teams finalized after Monday’s session.
Week 2 – March 16  
05:30 PM Multiple Scoregasms
  Duck and Cover
05:50 PM All Floaters
  Will Work for Ammo
06:10 PM Money Shots
  Dead Eye Five
  Praying for a 10
06:30 PM Pistol Whipped
  Tigger Finger
06:50 PM Team Veritas
  Team O N E
  Pew Pews
07:10 PM  
Sunday 5:00 Misfits