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Iowa Permit to Carry Renewal Qualification

Starting January 1, 2016, the first of the five-year Iowa Permit to Carry permits are eligible for renewal. There are two options available at Midwest Shooting to satisfy the re-training requirement to renew your Iowa Permit to Carry.

  1. Qualify on a range with a Certified NRA Instructor.
  2. Take or re-take an Iowa Permit to Carry class.

For range qualification we have designed a shooting course that is quick to complete and encompasses critical skills necessary to carry responsibly. The course will test gun safety, basic marksmanship, basic gun manipulation, safe loading/reloading, and basic low-light shooting.

Course of Fire

The range qualification consists of 20 rounds fired from a centerfire handgun at a FBI ‘Q’ target following the below course of fire:

String 1: 5 rounds at 5 yards, 15 seconds
String 2: 10 rounds at 10 yards, 1 mandatory reload, 1 minute
String 3: 5 rounds at 5 yards, low light, 15 seconds

To pass, individuals must score a minimum of 80% or 16 of the 20 rounds inside the white silhouette.

The range qualification course will be held on a regular basis.  The schedule for the upcoming renewal qualifications are posted on the right of this page.  Reservations are not required.

The range qualification fee is $24.99 plus tax. This includes the qualification, target, range fees, and qualification certificate. Ammunition is not included. You do not need to be a range member to participate.

Please bring a centerfire firearm, at least 20 rounds of brass ammunition (no aluminum or steel, please), two or more magazines for semi-auto’s or speed loaders for revolvers, eye and ear protection.

The training or qualification must be completed within 12 months prior to the expiration of the applicants current permit. Renewal applications must be received by the Sheriff’s Office no later than thirty (30) days prior to the permit expiration date.