bowling pin shoot

Bowling Pin Shoot

Cost $15.79 for gold members

Midwest Shooting would like to invite you to our summer Bowling Pin Shoots!

Next Bowling Pin Shoot is August 14. 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM timeslots available.

Pre-registration is required. Call 319.393.1888 or stop in to register.


bowling pin shooting league
bowling pin shooting league

Bowling Pin Shoot Rules

Pin Set Up:

-Shooters will engage 5 bowling pins set on a table at 15 yards.

-Shooters will have 4 opportunities to engage the 5 pins.

-Pins will be set 12 inches from the back edge for the Rimfire Class and 26 inches from the back edge for Centerfire Class.


-Rimfire – 22 LR handguns

-Centerfire – Any non-magnum centerfire handgun

(Shoot management retains the right to deny any firearm deemed not suitable for the competition.)


-Matches are timed.

-The time will be from the start signal to the shot clearing the final pin.

-Any uncleared pins will each receive a 3 second penalty to be added to the time.

-Pins must be completely off the table to be ‘cleared’.

-Maximum time allowed is 30 seconds per run.

-The lowest 3 times will be added together, with the lowest time being the winner.

Guns and Ammo

-This event is designed to be a fun shoot – not a blood thirsty competition. Standard guns will work just fine – no need for space guns or specialized ‘pin’ guns.

-Traditional handguns may be used (no AR-15 style ‘pistols’ or other similar firearms).

-Shoot management retains the right to deny any firearm deemed not suitable for the competition.

-Either open sights or red dot’s may be used.

-Shooter must bring a minimum of two magazines. Shooter may use as many magazines as they would like, but there is a 20 round maximum per run.

-Shooters should plan to shoot two runs without having to reload magazines. This will keep the shoot moving.

-There is a not a magazine capacity limit. However, this is a fun shoot. Shooters rocking ‘extendo’s’; will be mocked.

-Round count should be no more than 100 rounds per match. Really depends on how well you shoot!

-Ammunition should have FMJ bullets. Frangible ammunition is not allowed.


-$20 for Members.

-A maximum of 10 shooters per time will be allowed.

-Age – shooters under 18 require pre-approval by Midwest Shooting


-We will come up with something. Might not be very good.

-Right to trash talk with your friends