indoor shooting range in iowa

League Rules

Cost $59.99

fALL Shooting League

Starts September 23, 2024

Monday nights from 5:30 PM – 8 PM

Teams and Classification

Each team in the shooting league will consist of five (5) individuals.  Participants may sign up their own team(s) or be placed on a team.   The winner of the league will be determined based on team scoring.  Teams will be classified based on the team score after the third week.  The number of classes will depend on the number of teams.


For adults 18 and over, a center fire handguns .32 caliber or higher must be used.  Minors 14-17 may use a rimfire handgun.  Shoot management reserves the right to approve/deny any firearm.  Rental guns are available for a fee if participant does not own a firearm.  Note:  New Rule:  Non-magnified handgun optics such as reflex sites will be allowed.


Participants will need to make sure to use the correct ammunition for their gun.  All factory ammunition will be permitted.   Reloads will be permitted but must meet a minimum power factor of 125.   The power factor will be determined by taking the weight of the bullets x velocity / 1000.   Shooting league contestants ammunition may be randomly checked and chronographer by shoot management.  Failure to meet power factor may result in scores for that night to be forfeit.


The top four (4) scores from each team will be used to calculate the team score for each week.  In the case of a tie, the fifth person’s score will be utilized.  Weekly score ties are permitted.

Targets will be provided by Midwest Shooting and can change throughout the competition.  The targets to be used will be hung and available for purchase at least one week prior to using them.  Bullet holes touching any part of the ring will be counted at the higher point value.  Benefit of doubt will go to the shooter.


Top shooters based on average scores from previous leagues will have a handicap applied.  On the noted strings below, the handicap shooters will increase target distance.  Handicap shooters are those shooters that had an average score of 420 or higher in the previous league.  The average is computed by taking the average of the top 7 scores of the 8 week league.  New league shooters will be classified after the first 4 weeks based on their average score.

Course of Fire

String 1: Two handed, 12 rounds, 1 mandatory reload, @ 10 yards, 30 Seconds.  Handicap shooters will shoot at 15 yards.

String 2: Strong to Weak transition. Starting strong hand only. Shooter will fire 3 rounds with strong hand, reload the magazine, transition gun to weak hand and fire 3 more rounds., 6 rounds @ 7 yards, 30 seconds

String 3:  One – Reload Two.  Two handed @ 10 yards.  Start with two magazines – one with 1 round, the second with 2 rounds.  With the one round magazine loaded, shooter will fire one round, reload the other magazine and fire the other two rounds.  Time limit is 6 seconds.  This will be completed twice.

String 4: Two handed, 12 rounds, 1 mandatory reload, @ 7 yards, low light, 30 seconds

String 5: Mystery String. 6 Rounds. Each week a new string will be assigned when you team comes in to shoot.

String 6: Hostage. Two handed, 6 rounds @ 15 yards, 30 seconds. Hits on the ‘bad guy’ are worth 5 points. Hits on the ‘good guy’ are -5 points. Handicap shooters will shoot at 20 yards.

BONUS String

2 shots taken at 7 yards in 30 seconds. Shooters can choose to shoot one or both shots at either circle placed on either side of the target. The smaller circle will be worth 10 bonus points per hit, the larger circle will be worth 5 bonus points per hit. To count as a hit, the entire grease ring of the bullet hole must be inside the circle. These will be ‘extra credit’ shots as the maximum score will still be 450. Bonus points will not count towards the top gun award.  Handicap shooters will shoot this at 10 yards.


The cost of the league will be $74.99 plus tax per person.  This includes range fees for the league, targets, 1 year membership, and prizes.  Existing Midwest Shooting Members will pay $59.99 plus tax.  This does not include the price of ammunition.


Prizes will be awarded to each team member of the winning team in each class based on head-to-head scoring.  Additionally, the high overall individual will have his/her name on a plaque entering the shooting range.


Make-up shoot times will be published each week.  It is up to each team/participant to attend the shoot or a make-up session.  Participants must shoot their make-up session during the same week as the scheduled league week.  A league week is defined as Monday to Sunday.  Participants may ‘shoot ahead’ if they are planning on being gone during a shooting night.  Please contact your team captain and shoot management for information on shooting ahead.
Stop into the store to sign up.