indoor shooting range

Try Before You Buy

Purchase a gun from us that day, and get the $10 back!

Try It Before You Buy It!

No matter what reason you have for purchasing a firearm, you should feel confident that you found the right model for your situation and know exactly how to use it. Would you ever buy a car without driving it first? The same mindset should apply to purchasing a firearm, especially if this is something new for you. This is the type of purchase that should require you to be able to try it before you buy it, and that’s exactly the case at Midwest Shooting. Learn the safest and most effective way to use your firearm in our climate controlled range with the help of one of our experts.

For only $10 you can try up to three handguns in our indoor range. Choose from a large selection of the most popular guns from our rental cabinet. You will receive a target and 5 rounds of ammunition for each gun. One of our experienced sales staff will go into our indoor range with you to try out the firearms.