At only $99.99 the Women’s Only Iowa Permit to Carry and Handgun Familiarization is a great experience at a great price. First you will have class time, secondly you will go into our simulator room, then you will receive lunch and lastly you will have range time. During this class you will gain the knowledge of gun safety, laws, instruction and receive your certificate to get your permit to carry.

The Women’s Only Permit to Carry and Handgun Familiarization is an introductory firearms training and permit to carry class. Great for first time gun owners and those with limited experience. The seven hour class is held in a casual, all women, small group environment that fosters learning.

In the classroom you will learn:

  • what/when/where you can carry or not carry
  • mindset, situational awareness, and carry tactics
  • the basics of shooting – grip, stance, sight picture
  • best holsters for women
  • In-depth safety principles are stressed including rules for safe gun handling
  • pistol parts, operations and ammunition
  • and so much more
  • lunch will be provided

In the Simulator room you will:

  • fire a handgun that has been converted to CO2, helping you get comfortable before going on the range
  • shoot targets for marksmanship training
  • experience several real life scenarios involving self-defense situations

In the Indoor Range you will:

  • try several different types of handguns to see which is best for you
  • learn with experienced and trained staff members
  • ammunition is included

(Ladies, it’s recommended to not wear a scoop/v-neck shirt or opened toed shoes as the brass coming from your handgun is hot.)

This class satisfies the training requirement to obtain your Iowa Permit to Carry . You won’t regret taking this class and its even more fun when taken with friends!

But, don’t take our word for it. See what others have said about the class:

I took the Women’s Only class…Wow, what a Great Class, very informative. Got to go in the shooting range and shoot…I recommend any woman who is interested in learning gun safety to take this class…Very much worth it…Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable… –Candy

I attended the women’s conceal carry class. Midwest shooting staff shared a lot of great information and allowed us to try out several guns on the range. I would highly recommend this class for anyone interested in carrying, home protection, or just wanting knowledge on the subject. — Lisa

I took the Women Only permit to carry and handgun familiarization class. It was worth every penny! I highly recommend this class to any lady that is thinking about carrying for protection. I learned so much! — Nicole

Took the women’s class yesterday. Excellent course, entertaining and informative. Well worth the time and cost. — Linda

Recently attended the women’s conceal carry class and what an incredible experience it was. I would recommend this class to anyone! My husband has been in several times and also has nothing but good things to say. I enjoyed the range and the simulator and look forward to many more visits including range/simulator time and future firearm purchases. — Ashly